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Covering: ZCO 2015

How do I solve the Interval Covering Problem from ZCO 2015???

asked 03 Jan '15, 21:55

arpanb8's gravatar image

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First sort the input sets according to their starting points. Now start considering 2 sets at a time, in the beginning the 1st and 2nd set. There are 3 cases which will come up.
1)the 2nd set is disjoint from the first one. eg. (1,3) & (5, 19)
2) the 2nd set is contained within the first one. eg. (1, 10) & (3, 7)
3) the 2nd set starts within the first set but ends after it.

Think about how you should approach each of these conditions.
HINT: At times you will increment the total points and at times you will change what sets to consider. This problem gets solved linearly.


answered 04 Jan '15, 00:22

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@arpanb8 You got the algorithm? If anybody needs help beyond this they can ask.

(04 Jan '15, 23:26) Organic-Shilling0★
(05 Jan '15, 19:53) arpanb83★

But @Organic-Shilling isn't the worst case complexity O(N^2)? How does it get solved linearly? Although, O(N^2) is enough for this problem...

(05 Jan '15, 20:28) sandy9992★

yep...that is a q. that struck me 2...But n2 is enough for this prob...

(05 Jan '15, 20:29) arpanb83★
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